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Mariame Cissé lives in the Ziguinchor region. After obtaining her baccalaureate in 2017 at the Lycée Djignabo Bassène in Ziguinchor, she was directed to the Assane SECK University in Ziguinchor where she obtained a degree in sociology. During her training, she carried out a study on the social representation of mental illness with the staff of the Émile Badiane psychiatric hospital in Ziguinchor. This study allowed her to see how much these mentally ill people suffered and to see how much the staff was investing in their healing. She is a member of the Access Alumni Club of Ziguinchor. On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Access Program, she and the other members of her club organized a day whose theme was “Stop the child begging”. They organized it in order to spend a whole day with talibés from a Daara in the region in order to allow them to flourish and spend a day without begging. The authorities of the region were invited to launch the message on the fight against begging by children and the danger that they run by spending most of their time in the streets. Indeed for Mariame, respect for the rights of the child should apply to all children whether they are Talibés, disabled, or even orphans. She is also a member of NCD/Pole Sud (Nature-Community-Development) which is a structure that is active in the protection of the environment. Mariame is passionate about discovery, adventure, and learning, and joining CorpsAfrica/Senegal is a great opportunity for her to be able to live a unique experience.