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James P.


Special Advisor

James P. Clark (“Jim”) is a Special Advisor to CorpsAfrica. Prior to founding the Global Partnership for Civic Engagement just before the pandemic, focused on identifying the best systemic solutions to the world’s greatest challenges and mobilizing support for them, Jim was best known as the Founder/CEO of the World Technology Network, a global association of 1,500+ of the most innovative people in the world in science and technology. Jim founded the first national, nonprofit jobs clearinghouse in 1986, and later went on to start one of the first Internet companies to bring the “make a difference” world online, in partnership with then start-up, America Online (AOL). In between, Jim served as Director for the Non-Profit Sector & National Service for the Clinton/Gore Presidential campaign. Leader of the Democratic Party’s National Task Force for America’s Future during the 2016 presidential campaign, since then he’s been involved in various pro-democracy efforts, including by founding Democracy Dinners in 2022. A performing poet and amateur photographer, his art revolves around the concept of time and the power of direct experience.