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Rahayi Clementine was born and raised in southern Rwanda. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Crop Production from the College of Agriculture, Animal Science, and Veterinary Medicine. During her time at the University of Rwanda, she dedicated four years to social affairs within the Rwanda Anglican Student Association at the Busogo campus. This experience enriched her with problem-solving, conflict management, and communication skills. Furthermore, Rahayi contributed to her community by spending four months as a volunteer with USAID in the Duhuze project, where her focus was on empowering 100 women and 80 youth through their saving groups. She also demonstrated leadership qualities as a team leader in terrace-making with farmers in the Gisagara district. Her dedication to community service extended to her role as a facilitator in the CorpsAfrica Green Initiative in Gisagara District. Working alongside the community, they successfully cultivated over 100,000 seedlings of various fruit and agroforestry trees. This initiative aimed to combat malnutrition, generate income, and address climate change mitigation. Rahayi’s passion for serving others shines through her belief that being a CorpsAfrica Volunteer is an excellent opportunity to empower and positively influence the community.