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Daba Ndiaye


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  • Senegal_G6-2022-2023
Adele Daba Ndiaye, 26 years old. Originally from Mboro in the region of Thiés. After obtaining a degree in Tourism and Hotel Management at the IBA DER THIAM University in Thiès, Adèle Daba Ndiaye chose to specialize in a Master in Tourism and Local Development. A choice motivated by the desire to contribute to the development of the tourism sector at the local level For her professional career, she worked in the hotel sector in Thiès as a receptionist and was responsible for supervising housekeeping staff. These tasks consist of welcoming and installing guests in addition to ensuring the well-being of the inventory. She also worked as a telemarketer in a call center in Thiès. Wanting to have field experience, Adèle Daba Ndiaye joined CorpsAfrica as a volunteer. Its objective is to put its stone into the building to contribute to the community development of remote areas. In this sense, she intends to give the best of herself in order to work with her host community to bring about positive change. This volunteering at CorpsAfrica is an opportunity for her to learn a lot of practical things and also to set a professional career plan.