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Aïcha Dabo lives in the Dakar region, in the Derklé Darou Salam 2 district in the commune of Dieuppeul/Derklé. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Project Management at the HECM/DAKAR level. This option is due to her love for entrepreneurship. Indeed, after her baccalaureate in series G at the Lycée Technique de Commerce Maurice Delafosse, she continued her studies at the Hautes Etudes de Coaching et de Management (HECM/DAKAR) where she obtained a Diploma of Higher Technician (DTS) in Administration and Management, Business Management in 2019 and a degree in Project Management in 2020. Aïcha completed a professional internship at the Islamic Solidarity Hospital (HSI) Al Falah in the administrative and financial department, as an assistant. She is passionate about cooking and discussion. She is sociable, has the joy of living, and likes to help. Integrating CorpsAfrica/Senegal as a Volunteer is a great experience for her as a person. This mission will allow her to get out of her comfort zone, discover herself, learn from the communities, and serve as a Volunteer to contribute to the development of the communities. She hopes to gain more field experience and better understand life in the depths of Senegal.