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Paterne Ives



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Paterne Ives Diatta is originally from the Ziguinchor region in the municipality of Enampore and is an accountant by training. He graduated from the Catholic Higher Institute of Management of the UCAO of Ziguinchor. After his License in 2015, he is an intern with the Accounting and Financial Unit of the National Agency for Agricultural and Rural Advice of Lower and Middle Casamance. During his internship, he made several field visits to see how rural populations practiced agriculture with the support of agricultural advisers from the agency. In 2016, he was selected to continue his studies for a master’s degree in Accounting. After completing his degree, he joined YMCA/Senegal as an intern, which is how he participated in the drafting of the business plan for the young beneficiaries of the Ampa Awagna project. Subsequently, he became Head of the Agricultural Camp to end up as the Project Accountant. This career in agricultural projects interested him in a capital interest in the agricultural field, which explains his application for the Food For Life/Senegal 2021 training program of the NGO Mercy Ships where he was selected and trained as a Trainer in Agro-Ecology, Climate Change and Nutrition. This training was sanctioned by a certificate accompanied by a subsidy after the presentation of a mini project in front of the staff of the program. His mini-project will be implemented in the region of Sédhiou, more precisely in the village of Takoum, in May 2022 with speculation, okra. This mini project is a gateway to developing the flagship project consisting of a plantation of fruit and forest trees. Despite all these opportunities available to him to start his agricultural activity, Mr. Diatta preferred to start volunteering at CorpsAfrica/Senegal with a view to serving his country. Now officially a Volunteer at CorpsAfrica, his main objective is to change the lives of the populations of his host community in a positive and lasting way with the help of his fellow volunteers while respecting the principles of “Human Centered Design”. He also has to learn a lot from his community. He is preparing to join his site with these two quotes from Amadou Hampaté Ba as a weapon: “Do not regret anything, you will always have to continue to learn and improve yourself, and it is not at school that you will be able to do it. The school gives diplomas, but it is in life that we form.” and “If you think like me, you are my brother. If you don’t think like me, you are twice my brother, because you open up another world to me.