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Ms. Mbaye born Marieme DIENG is from the Diourbel region, more precisely in the department of Bambey where she did all my schooling. She is an Agroforestry engineer at Assane Seck University in Ziguinchor. Her professional career has been much more focused on field missions through field surveys of populations in order to collect their opinions on well-defined subjects in collaboration with structures such as ANSD, GRDR, Institute Education, Family, Health and Gender (IEFSG). She also worked as an agricultural adviser in the women’s farm of the GIE de SILINKA by accompanying them in their various market gardening and arboriculture activities in collaboration with the company COESPE. She is also a pure product of ISRA with whom she worked as part of her thesis with the PAIS/ISRA project as well as in the “Dundal Soul” project, her mission was to follow the agronomic trials or tests but also to support producers on good agricultural practices and the distribution of fertilizers. Today, as a CorpsAfrica/Senegal Volunteer, she is driven by the desire to contribute to the development of her country by positively impacting her community. Through this service, Marieme will have the opportunity not only to adapt to intercultural relations as well as to strengthen her personal and professional development.