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Adji Anta


Volunteer Liaison

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Adji Anta Gaye Diop was born in Koungheul in the Kaffrine region, she completed her elementary and secondary studies in Tambacounda. She holds a degree in philosophy from Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar. Adji Anta has capitalized on nearly 04 years of experience in coordination and project management. Passionate about development, community dynamism, and human rights, she is a young Senegalese civil society activist very involved in issues related to the rights of women, girls, reproductive health of adolescents and young people. She is a member of the National Youth Alliance for Reproductive Health and FP where she worked as assistant coordinator for the ‘NAFORÉ’ project, accountability for GFF funding for adolescent and youth health, and ‘MUSO There is abandonment of FGM in Senegal. Alumni of the United Nations Volunteers program, she joined the UNFPA staff in May 2020. After two years of facilitating UNFPA partners in the execution at the community level of the agency’s mandate about maternal health, reproductive health of young adolescents, empowerment of women and girls, and gender equality, she joined the management of Corps Africa where she previously served as a cohort 3 volunteer. Adji was assigned to the north-east of Senegal, precisely in the village of Agnam Lidoubé which is full of enormous potential: village organizational dynamism, basic social services, and agricultural production. Despite the efforts made, the inactivity of women and the supervision of early childhood are the village’s challenges. This is why a permaculture preschool project and a project to support the economic empowerment of women were prioritized. Aware of the advance of the desert in this part of Senegal, the community decided to add a permaculture space to the preschool to instill environmental education from a young age. Adji has worked extensively on monthly hygiene and the technique of manufacturing reusable sanitary napkins with the support of his fellow volunteers from the northern zone. In all, 145 women and girls were trained, going from Agnam to Orkadiéré via Kanel. She also managed to organize the community henhouse in her village financed by PAM and HEIFER allowing the community to have good management and ensure the sustainability of the project. A trained philosopher, Adji Anta did not hesitate to use his teaching skills to facilitate the preparation of national philosophy exams for baccalaureate candidates in the area. This experience with CorpsAfrica encouraged Adji and other alumni from the same cohort to set up a GIE called NAAFAS which aims to be a granary of local products. Two years after her volunteer service, Adji Anta returns to CorpsAfrica as program coordinator. Aware of the more she can bring to the Senegal office, Adji is very open and ready to take on challenges with the team and Volunteers.