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Training Officer

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Mama Diop was born in Mbacké, in the region of Diourbel in Senegal. He graduated in 2010 from Gaston Berger University in Saint Louis. His first three years led to a degree in Language, Literature, and Civilization of the English-speaking world. This first university degree gave him the opportunity to earn a place in a professional Master of Engineering in Local Development in 2013. His interest in local development is reflected in awareness-raising actions toward the youth within social networks. He conducted an internship in monitoring and evaluation at the Diourbel Regional Development Agency. He had the chance to visit many parts of the country and meet different communities as part of an impact evaluation of an educational project. Mama joined CorpsAfrica/Senegal in 2016; he spent a year in a Senegalese rural zone to identify community problems and find solutions through the implementation of a project. Since March 2017, Mama Diop has been working as a Junior Consultant in charge of NGO relationships at a consulting firm based in Senegal.