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Aissatou Diouf, a 23-year-old agricultural entrepreneur, is from the Thiès region, more precisely from Fissel Mbadane. She specialized in agricultural entrepreneurship. She continued her studies in agricultural entrepreneurship at the Higher Institute of Professional Education (ISEP) in Thiès, as well as at the Senegalese Program for Youth Entrepreneurship (PSEJ). Aissatou has a solid professional experience in the agricultural field, with expertise in agricultural production, agri-food processing, and the marketing of agricultural products. She worked on market gardening projects in an integrated farm and collaborated with women’s groups in the Thiès region for the processing of cereals, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, fish products, and soap. In addition, Aissatou held the position of manager of an onion marketing platform in Thieppe (Kébémer) within the company Bay Seddo, which specializes in agribusiness. This platform aimed to facilitate the sale of products from onion producers by putting them in touch with agribusiness players. Thanks to her continued interest in agricultural entrepreneurship, Aissatou benefited from technical support from the Senegalese Program for Youth Entrepreneurship (PSEJ), a government program aimed at mentoring young project leaders in the priority areas of agriculture. Senegalese economy and business creation. She was also selected to participate in Cohort 2 of the European Union (EU)-funded Agreen Lab program, which supports young Senegalese and Burkinabe entrepreneurs in the agribusiness and renewable energy sectors. In addition, Aissatou has acquired experience in data collection during her work with Data Dev Africa as part of the monitoring and evaluation of certain agricultural and sanitation projects in the regions of Fatick, Kaolack, Louga, and Tambacounda. Currently, as a CorpsAfrica volunteer, Aissatou has set herself the goal of making a positive impact within her community and helping to improve living conditions. Her commitment as a Volunteer allowed her to develop her personal skills while contributing to the economic development of her country.