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Nakhady Djighaly is a young woman engaged to support and protect vulnerable people. She participated during her academic background in the actions of the ONG EVE (Water-Life-Environment) as a volunteer. These activities allowed her to help with the floods in her country by distributing hygiene kits to the victims. These efforts have reduced epidemics caused by the stagnation of wastewater. A member of the OHADA office at the Assane Seck University of Ziguinchor, she participated in the organization of meetings to explain the importance of OHADA law in international commerce to business leaders in her region. Nakhady holds a Bachelor of Science in Management and International Business Law from the University of Dakar Bourguiba. These experiences in the domain of social assistance, allowed her to help by participating in the development of her community and serving vulnerable people and she would like to evolve in this direction for these future activities.