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With a profound dedication to community development, Venunye Kwesi Dorcoo earned a Bachelor of Science in Development Planning from the University for Development Studies, marking the genesis of his commitment to effecting positive change. His journey began as a Field Officer at the Greater Accra Resilient and Integrated Development (GARID) under the Ga North Municipal Assembly, where his responsibilities included using KoboCollect tools/forms and Google Maps/Earth to document the coordinates of drainage systems, the silt levels thus to combat the issue of flooding in the Municipality and Greater Accra Region as a whole. During his National Service, he had the privilege of being an Assistant Development Planning Officer at the Ga North Municipal Assembly in the Development Planning Unit. In this role, he actively contributed to the preparation and review of the Assembly’s Medium-Term Development Plan (MTDP 2021-2025). He was also involved in writing proposals, engaging in project monitoring and evaluation, reporting on project screening, and conducting environmental impact assessments among numerous duties. He is enthusiastic about embarking on a transformative journey with CorpsAfrica to leverage this experience and work hand in hand with his community members as he embarks on this transformative journey with CorpsAfrica.