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Chikondi Felix Dula holds a Bachelor of Science in Fisheries from Mzuzu University. He is passionate about improving people’s lives in rural communities, especially in food security and livelihood. Before CorpsAfrica, he worked with the Sustainable Fisheries, Aquaculture Development and Watershed Management (SFAD-MW) project Funded by the African Development Fund (ADF) in Mulanje district as an Aquaculture extension intern to improve the resilience of rural fish farming communities to the prevalent climate variability including drought and floods thereby contributing to the reduction in poverty by training farmers on value addition and nutrition security. He also served as a research and extension intern for two years at Mulanje District Fisheries Research Station on improving fish production by providing extension services and training the farmers on fish feed formulation using locally available resources. He was also involved in Post Cyclone Idai and Kenneth Emergency Recovery and Resilience Programme (PCIREP) in Mulanje district as a government intern in restoring livelihoods and well-being and building the resilience of affected fish communities to climate shocks, disasters, and extreme weather events to enhance the adaptive capacities and preparedness of these communities. Born and raised in a rural community, Chikondi understands the challenges affecting rural communities and believes that the CorpsAfrica approach is the right approach to empowering rural communities to improve their socioeconomic status and create sustainable livelihoods.