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Mohamed Eddahbi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a master’s degree in “Cross-Border Societal Dynamics”, with a focus on relations between Morocco and West Africa, revealing his interest in Sociology and dynamics across societal borders. With professional experience in the field of surveys and societal projects, Mohamed has participated in various projects, including the National Agricultural Register (Lot GHARB) and surveys relating to information technologies, violence against women, and precariousness during his position as an investigator at ALCO ALTERNATIVES. He conducted surveys aimed at assessing the impact of electrification in rural areas of Casa Settat, in addition to his contribution to the conduct of the second national survey on the prevalence of violence against women in Morocco. In 2022, Mohamed continued his investigative work by participating in a national survey on the equipment and use of ICT among Moroccan households within ALCO ALTERNATIVES. In parallel with his investigative activities, Mohamed has also collaborated on projects related to the identification and management of natural risks, as well as on studies covering various subjects such as the use of GSM while driving and transport children in specific areas. Beyond his career as an investigator, Mohamed is passionate about culture and art. Over the years, he has accumulated rich experience in organizing cultural and artistic events. He has held various positions and responsibilities within festivals and cultural associations, demonstrating his dedication to promoting culture and creativity in Agadir. These varied experiences reflect his continued commitment to promoting culture, art, and creativity, as well as his essential role in enriching Agadir’s cultural scene.