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El Haddouchi


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Mohammed El Haddouchi is from Zaio, Nador province. He graduated with a B.A. degree in English Literature and Linguistics from Mohammed I University in Oujda. He has completed the International Youth Foundation’s “Passport to Success” training program and facilitated some of the sessions at Dar Taliba Zaio. He co-founded the English Literature Club Oujda (ELCO) at the Faculty of Humanities and co-organized and hosted the General Knowledge Competition “ELCO Quiz Show,” which broke the university’s record for the best academic organization and the best show in 24 years (according to the Dean of the Faculty). Furthermore, he co-organized and moderated several study days and orientation days in his hometown as well as in Oujda City. Mohammed presented a paper entitled “Facebook and the Cultural Enclosure” to a group of Space & Culture PhD candidates. He has also volunteered at Lalla Asmae’s Foundation for the Deaf and The Moroccan League for Child Protection (LMPE).