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El Ouardi


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Hajar El Ouardi is from Ouarzazate City. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Studies: Communication and Pedagogy (ESCP) from Ibn Zohr University in Ouarzazate. She has five years of experience in teaching English as a foreign language and is passionate about the power of pedagogical tools, interactive classes, and cultural exchange in effective learning. Hajar loves traveling and exploring new communities. In 2018, she traveled to Indonesia as a recipient of the Darmaasiswa scholarship, where she studied religion and culture while teaching English. Prior to that, she worked for a tourism company called Morocco Touring, where she oversaw communications, organized tours, and wrote blog posts to provide lasting travel experiences to visitors from all over the world. Hajar is also passionate about youth development after volunteering at educational camps around Morocco. Through these experiences, she has developed skills in management, leadership, and teamwork. As a CorpsAfrica Volunteer, she seeks to further develop these skills while making a positive impact in Morocco. She is especially eager to utilize Human-Centered Design and human development tenants to increase development leaders making a change in Morocco.