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Sokayna Elgharabi is from Ouled Teima and received her diploma in Chemistry. She loves traveling, reading, and swimming and does a lot of volunteer work. She started her volunteer career with the Peace Corps as a counterpart more than 9 years ago. Focused on youth development, she taught lessons of MUN and participated in national and international conferences. She also trained with the climbing club, lead two GLOW camps, and led a children’s camp with scouts. Beyond the Peace Corps, Sokayna worked with OCP’s Act for Community, accompanied foreign doctors, and worked as a volunteer translator in convoys in remote areas. She was responsible for a Rockflower Association program to fund a women’s project and secure a place to practice sewing and sports for the Horizons for Women and Childhood Association. This particular project continued to fund women during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sokayna is currently working as a Co-Founder for Opportunities for Moroccan Youth which trains young people on how to apply for grants and other domestic and international opportunities.