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Eliasu Matugamu


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Rahatu Matugamu Eliasu is a licensed Physician Assistant (Medical), a Mastercard foundation scholar alumnus, a CAMA member, and a JL-MCF 2023 Launch Fellow. She graduated from Central University with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Physician Assistantship studies in 2022. She is the CEO of Binty-Trendz a fashion-oriented venture that uses into using fabric waste to create useful artifacts and also the founder of the Career Clone Initiative, which is an organization that is into grooming and guides high schoolers to be aware of themselves and the career trajectory to pursue. Rahatu is passionate about SDG 3, and SDG 4 and is a public health enthusiast, hence she takes opportunities to volunteer with an organization that operates in that domain to ensure that people in underserved communities especially benefit. Before CorpsAfrica, she was an intern at the Tamale West Hospital and a volunteer for Verifie Ghana, Teens Health Ghana, And Awon-Ate Foundation. She believes that change starts with the little individuals can do and CorpsAfrica is the perfect Niche for her to accomplish that.