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Oumaima Elmoujahid was born and raised in Casablanca. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University Hassan 2 – Faculty of Literature And Human Sciences in Mohammedia. She also possesses a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology with a specialty in “Education and Integration Of Children and Young People In Difficulty”, from the University Mohamed 5 – Faculty of Education Sciences in Rabat. She is passionate about learning new languages, so she received a Certificate in Japanese Language (Beginners Level) and hopes to one day be fluent in Tamazight to feel closer to her origins as a Moroccan. ​Concerning her academic journey, Oumaima participated in research concerning childhood and youth. One of her latest projects was titled: “The Effectiveness of Art Activities Program in Alleviating ADHD’s Symptoms on Children”. Her interest in art and her 3-year participation in the Art Club at the University Hassan 2 in Mohammedia helped her to use art and its psychological effects to control the problems and difficulties that children can face in their development, and also to enrich their self-confidence and cognitive dimensions. Oumaima first experiences volunteer work when she decided to cooperate with some other individuals to prepare and distribute “Iftar meals” to needy people and nursing homes during the holy month of Ramadan. A quote that motivates her to be a CorpsAfrica Volunteer is “In the act of helping others, we get to help ourselves too”.