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Kaltouma Elmorabit is from Ouarzazate city. After completing her baccalaureate, she pursued studies in accounting and obtained a diploma in accounting techniques. Currently, she is working towards her Bachelor’s degree in English at Ibn Zohr University. She is a member of the Ouarzazate Gluten-Free Association, which aims to help people with gluten sensitivity, celiac, and wheat learn gluten-free cooking, educate young people and society about this chronic disease, and she is a member of the Lumière Association for Remedial Lessons. Keltouma has a strong passion for continuous learning and is always eager to acquire new knowledge. She has a passion for sewing and cooking, as well as a deep interest in various languages and exploring different cultures. Reading and immersing herself in the world of novels brings her great joy. She appreciates the simplicity of life, and her love for challenges led her to join CorpsAfrica, an experience she eagerly awaits. Her desire to step out of her comfort zone and extend a helping hand to others is what motivated her to participate. She firmly believes in being part of a business that strives to bring about change, improvement, and development in remote areas.