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Jawad Er-Rachdi is originally from Oulad Teima, he is a dedicated teacher who has devoted over six years to the field of English teaching. He started his academic journey at Ibn Zohr University in Agadir, where he got his B.A degree in English Studies majoring in linguistics. His academic background has been the backbone of his career, equipping him with the knowledge and skills necessary to reign supreme in his field. Beyond his formal education, Jawad has continually pursued opportunities for professional growth; He has been actively engaged in many training programs focused on education and didactic pedagogy to further boost his teaching skills. What distinguishes Jawad is his devotion to community service and volunteering. In addition to his job as a teacher, he has shared his expertise and insights with the young members of his community, by, voluntarily, teaching English and various subjects whenever there’s a need. His belief in the essential right to access education and knowledge has been the motive behind his efforts towards his community. Jawad is a Passionate advocate for volunteerism, he believes that small acts of kindness can create profound change.