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Fatima Ezzydany is from Agadir. She holds a Master’s degree in Economic Management of Social Organizations from Ibno Zohr University in Agadir. Fatima is involved in various volunteering activities in her own community and has been promoting and enabling young people’s community engagement, helping them become active change-makers to make a positive difference. Fatima is a social activist advocating for gender equality and youth empowerment and is passionate about girls’ rights. She is the founder of the “First Step for Education Initiative” (FSEI), which aims to equip girls in the Agadir region with skills and confidence as well as promote girls’ rights. She says, “As a Moroccan young girl I should do my best, involve myself in volunteering activities, and use my skills to help people in need because it is my duty to do that.” Fatima chose to be a Volunteer with CorpsAfrica/Maroc because she likes volunteering and wants to spread the sense of volunteerism in small villages.