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Abdou Khadre



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Abdou Khadre Fall comes from the region of Saint-Louis, more precisely in the village of Mboubene in the commune of Diama, department of Dagana. He obtained his baccalaureate in 2013 at Pout High School before being directed to Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar where he studied for 2 years in the History Department. He then obtained his Medical Delegate diploma at ENSA Thiès in 2017 and the Educational Community Monitor diploma in 2018. In 2011, he graduated as a General-Purpose First Aider at the Senegalese Red Cross, where he participated in awareness-raising activities, the distribution of donations, and humanitarian aid in the communities. These activities mark the beginning of his commitment to volunteering. Abdou became a Trainer at the Youth Red Cross of Pout which has been the basic unit of the red cross since 2016, currently, he is the Youth Representative at the level of the departmental committee of Thiès. Abdou is currently studying in License 3 specializing in Administration and Business Management at the African Business School of Dakar (ABS). Abdou Khadre Fall initiated 2012 the Field Mission concept in Unknown Zones in order to discover the most remote corners of Senegal and to understand the realities, and the difficulties of society, and that of Senegalese communities. The volunteer mission at CorpsAfrica will thus allow him to actively participate in community development and positively impact his country, and also to discover for a year of voluntary service new things such as a culture, a language, and a family in its host community. Through his CorpsAfrica service, he intends to rely on the knowledge acquired during the PST to better succeed in his immersion in his host family and to achieve his objective set for this mission with the help of CorpsAfrica staff members and the human resources of his community.