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Modou Khabane



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Modou Khabane Fall grew up in the city of Rufisque, Senegal. He pursued his education in Experimental Sciences in high school and later enrolled in the Faculty of Economics and Management at Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar. There, he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Economic Analysis and Policies, a Master’s degree in Economics, and a Master’s degree in International Trade Policy and Negotiations. During his youth, Modou Khabane Fall engaged in various activities, including acrobatic gymnastics, Taekwondo, basketball, football, dance, and music. He was introduced to computer sciences at an early age and developed significant skills in computer usage. To cover some of his school fees and support his family, Modou Khabane Fall worked in construction for five years, where he honed his skills in construction and public works. His professional journey began as an assistant director in a company called KMG Mode Group, which he co-founded with a friend. Subsequently, after completing his Master’s degree, he joined CorpsAfrica as a Volunteer in community development. He was assigned to the Village of Djilacounda in Casamance. Driven by a desire to serve his country and contribute to the development of Africa, he applied to be an Exchange Volunteer in Rwanda, where he currently serves. Modou Khabane Fall is highly passionate about gender equality and environmental causes. In the coming years, he aspires to work on community development projects in Africa. His ultimate career goal is to become a teacher-researcher in universities, and he often says, “…My biggest dream is to win a Nobel Prize in Economics.”