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Latime Faty lives in Dakar/Malika. He comes from a Mandingo family where his parents instilled in him cardinal values ​​such as the spirit of sharing, courage, selflessness, and above all assistance toward others. The family education he received made him a person very sensitive to the suffering experienced by some Senegalese men and women. To this end, he very early engaged in sustainable development issues to contribute to the building. Thus, Latime participated in civic activities, not only to realize this dream that animates it but also to fulfill his duty as a young Senegalese citizen. He did his graduate studies in Local Government Law at Gaston Berger University in Saint-Louis. He also graduated in Public Management at the YALI-Dakar Leadership Center. Currently, he is the administrator of the YALI Network on Health and Development. Latime is also an alumnus of Eqwiphubs, a Canadian NGO. He sees CorpsAfrica as a great opportunity and a privileged way to actively participate in the community development process. With CorpsAfrica, he can state unequivocally that all young African leaders will be able to provide a solution to the problems of the rural world.