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Aminta Faye is from Fatick. She spent her entire school career in Dakar. She trained in English at Cheikh Anta Diop University in License 1 where she stopped, but that did not allow her to stop learning because she participates in inter-university debates. Currently, she is pursuing training in International Development Cooperation at the African Institute for Development Studies in the third year of her bachelor’s degree. Her training allowed her to do an internship in a development NGO called ECO / PN (Espace de Concertation et d’Orientation de Pikine Nord) where she had to carry out various activities with women and local authorities. She is also part of an association called ASDDT (Association of Specialists in Decentralization and Territorial Development). She was sent by the NGO Enda / Ecopop through the association ASDDT as a community relay to support local authorities during the second edition of the Excellence Award for Local Leadership. She likes to cook, play sports, help others, and discover new things. She chose to volunteer at CorpsAfrica in order to acquire more skills, serve her country, share her knowledge, and also learn from others in order to positively impact communities and participate in the emergence of Senegal.