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Daouda Faye, originally from Senegal, holds a Master’s in Plant and Microbial Biotechnologies from Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar. His career focuses more on scientific research, quality, hygiene, and food safety, particularly in research laboratories such as the biosafety laboratory at Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar. He did a two-month placement in the microbiology laboratory at the Food Technology Institute (ITA), where he assessed the microbiological quality of 83 foodstuffs. He also worked as a repeater at the Eureka agency, teaching Life and Earth Sciences in the French and Senegalese programs. As a CorpsAfrica/Senegal Volunteer, Daouda FAYE served in the village of Bouyouye in the Casamance region of Ziguinchor. During his service, he was particularly interested in working with his community’s women and young people. These included building the capacity of 30 women in financial management, soap making, and bleach production. Working with the local council and young people from his village, Daouda has facilitated an activity that involves filling cavities in the road. This activity will enable 300 people to move around easily during the rainy season. To promote the proper management of plastic waste in the village and the preservation of the environment, Daouda has initiated environmental education sessions with primary school pupils, as well as clean-up and awareness-raising days on plastic waste with the young people of his community. In collaboration with the water and forestry agency, he has distributed 26 lemon trees to pupils, who are expected to look after them at home. He helped improve pupils’ study environment by recycling plastic waste and building 6 ecological benches. Daouda facilitated a project with his community to renovate and acquire medical equipment for the village health center. This project enabled 300 people to access first aid in a remote area where the nearest health facility is 7 km from the village. Today, as an Exchange Volunteer, Daouda is working with another community in Malawi. For Daouda, serving in another country is a time of discovery, development, and learning that will enhance his professional experience.