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Yves Delphin



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Gasore Yves Delphin, a native of the Rusizi district in the western province of Rwanda, embodies a commitment to education, community development, and leadership. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Education with honors in Geography and Economics from the University of Rwanda, Gasore’s journey began with a penchant for leadership evident since his early secondary school days. His dedication to national values is underscored by a certificate from the Rwanda National Itorero Commission, focusing on patriotism and volunteering. In 2021, Gasore volunteered with RYVCP Kayonza to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, showcasing his community-centric spirit. During his internship in 2022 at G.S Gihundwe Secondary School, he demonstrated his passion for education. Further, as a Community Development Facilitator with CorpsAfrica/Rwanda from 2022 to 2023, Gasore implemented impactful projects, earning a certificate of appreciation. Notably, he actively contributed to initiatives promoting youth empowerment through technology education and community access to clean water and climate change mitigation strategies. Gasore’s leadership prowess is fortified by certificates in strategic leadership from Britts Imperial University College and in taxation from the Rwanda Revenue Authority, encapsulating a diverse and impactful professional journey.