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I am 66 years old, and was born and raised in a rural setting; Am a holder of a Master’s degree in Business Administration, from Maastricht School of Management(MSM) in the Netherlands(August 2002), with a focus on Corporate Strategy and Economics Policy; I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Integrated Rural Regional Development Planning (IRRD), from Weitz Development Study Center, Rehovot in Israel (March 2001); and a Bachelor’s degree in (BA Hons) in Economics and Rural Economy, from Makerere University, Kampala – Uganda (June 1984). I retired from Public Service effective on 29th July 2022, and currently am an independent consultant, with social responsibilities in training and mentoring some development actors, in line with my passion. For 40 years of my professional life in service, I served in the socio-economic development field, in governmental and non-governmental institutions (International and National), and the first two years of entrance into the career path as a high school teacher. I have been in the Social Protection domain, as the head, since 2003 up to my retirement date. My country-specific experience has been typically the East Africa (Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya) where I have served in different capacities. I have been privileged to participate in many national and International Conferences/Workshops on Policy development, Social Protection, Climate Change Adaptation, Livelihoods Development, and Graduation out of poverty. Last but not least, I am a renowned policy Analyst and advisor, trainer, facilitator, and strong advocate for inclusive people-centered approaches to development and an occasional subscriber and co-author of articles to International Bulletins on Social Protection and Climate Change adaptation themes. My involvement in Community Development and Graduation poverty strategies have enhanced my sensitivity to Climate Change Adaptation, recognizing that Graduation is not workable where there is no resilience building and no protection of the environment and harnessing climate change adaptive strategies effects which engage collective action including from the masses