Ouleye Demba



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Ouleye Demba Gaye is originally from the Kaolack region, precisely in Sara Ndiougary, and studied in the said region until obtaining his baccalaureate in 2013. She attended the Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar at the School of Legal and Political Sciences. After two years of study, she joined the YMCA/SENEGAL in the Kaolack branch through a program of the United Kingdom in Senegal called the International Citizen Service (ICS). There she carried out an installation project of a water pump for the empowerment of women in the villages of Tandabar in Ndoffane. At the end of this program, she worked at WAVE/Senegal as an Opener Agent. Having the gift of self in her, she returned to YMCA to volunteer, this is how she became, after 3 years, Acting Branch Secretary and Project Leader in the Kaolack region for YMCA/Kaolak. For 3 years, she led a project in a prison environment to facilitate the socio-professional integration of 5 ex-prisoners and the training of around 50 young people at risk of deviance. After being selected and trained by CorpsAfrica/Senegal, she swore to serve with humility, respect, commitment, empathy, and determination such as the human values ​​of CorpsAfrica her host community, and to have a lasting impact through the revaluation of local resources and the inclusion of its community for a better empowerment process. With CorpsAfrica, Ouleye Demba considers this adventure as an opportunity to discover the country and its realities and to live a transformational experience with the acquisition of new skills with his community.