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Amy Ndao



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Amy Ndao GUEYE is from Tambacounda, in Senegal. She holds a Modern Literature, Art, and Communication degree from Gaston Berger University in Saint-Louis. She also has experience facilitating employability training at the Eqwip Hub in Saint-Louis, training telemarketing professionals at Vocalis Center at the Approxima headquarters in Saint-Louis, and training young leaders in leadership, entrepreneurship, and project management with LT Senegal. Her professional career is orienting towards community development and associative life, particularly with the Holiday Courses and Activities of Koumpentoum, which she joined first as an Assistant and Lecturer, then as a Coordinator for two years. She, with her team, provided school kits to non-awarded students and students from low-income families. 2020, she participated in the fight against malaria with the NGO VectorLink. Last year, she completed her one-year service with CorpsAfrica/Senegal, where she facilitated identifying and implementing projects to benefit her community. Her ambition was to serve and gain more experience, and she recommitted herself as a community development Volunteer and joined CorpsAfrica/Malawi as an exchange Volunteer. Amy intends to work in cooperation and in perfect synergy with her community to put it on the development track.