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Sokhna Diarra Bousso



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Sokhna Diarra Bousso GEUYE is a young Senegalese woman from Thiès District. She graduated from the Superior School of Applied Economy with an Economic Planning and Management degree. She is passionate about local development and discovering new horizons; she has always sought to get out of her comfort zone and into various situations. She took part in writing many development plans in her school. She realized that the development of Africa had to be a reality for us Africans. Then, she continued in the same vein, working with the Regional Trade Department in Dakar and Plan International in Thiès. Always keen to make her contribution to food security in Africa, she wrote her graduate document on the analysis of the socio-economic and environmental effects of the project to promote food sovereignty by enhancing the value of local cereals with the Federation of Non-Governmental Organisations of Senegal (FONGS). She also works at Elite Force One Security (EFOS). Moreover, she has taken on the world of work as a Level I administrative and financial officer; her strength is welcoming customers in the best possible way. After this phase, she joined the Agence of Development in Saint-Louis. She has also obtained training certificates in interpersonal communication, digital commerce, Informatique, and the Internet. Today, with CorpsAfrica. Sokhna Diarra has realized that experience is never enough. Every day comes with new lessons. She served as a Volunteer in Cohort 6 of CorpsAfrica/Sénégal and as an Exchange Volunteer in Cohort 7 of CorpsAfrica/Malawi.