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Jean Paul



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Jean Paul Hakiruwizeye was born and raised in Rwanda. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Agribusiness from the University of Rwanda, College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine (CAVM), graduating in 2022. He gained practical experience as a Data Enumerator with Societal University Villages Initiatives (SUVI), contributing to the Comprehensive Assessment of the Nexus Between Poverty and Food Insecurity in the Kivu belt western province of Rwanda. Additionally, he served as a Marketing Agent at Kenya Seed Company during his RDB professional internship and holds a professional Driving License Category A. Jean Paul also interned at RWARRI (Rwanda Rural Rehabilitation Initiatives) for the Farm to Market Alliances (FtMA) project in the southern province, supporting rural farmers in connecting their maize production with available markets. He also participated in various programs, including the GLOBAL LEADERSHIP SUMMIT 2017, and earned a leadership certificate from Cornerstone Leadership Academic. In 2016, he attended AKAZI KANOZE 2, sponsored by USAID, and received top honors. Jean Paul’s experience extends to working with non-government organizations, like Derne Catholic, where he gained skills in community engagement and cooperative facilitation. He actively promoted family planning and collaborated as a YEAN extension officer to elevate the wealth and living standards of Musanze community farmers through agricultural extension services. He possesses valuable computer skills, particularly in SPSS and Survey CTO. Jean Paul is deeply passionate about community development, agriculture, natural resources, humanitarian actions, and creating a positive impact on community livelihoods. He is eager to contribute to the mission of CorpsAfrica/Rwanda.