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Volunteer Liaison

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  • Morocco_G5-2019-2020
Redwane Hamma, 27 years old, is originally from Tata. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Studies with a Linguistic option from Ibn Zohr University 2018 in Agadir. Since he was studying at high school he started participating in social work in his local community organized activities and football tournament. Redwane played a significant role in extra-curricular activities organized by a local association in his village for the kids. Redwane has volunteered with Moroccan Scouts for two years, where he organized and managed workshops, such as Scout Leadership Camp. He developed his skills on project management, when he collaborated with Peace Corps Volunteers. His love of volunteer work made him apply to CorpsAfrica. Redwane has volunteered with CorpsAfrica/Maroc in the High Atlas Mountains from 2019 to May 2021 where he organized different activities such as tutoring sessions for primary school students, fun and educational outside activities, drawing workshops and decorating classrooms. He also worked with another village to implement a project around running water with high supervision of CorpsAfrica/Maroc. He extended his service during COVID-19. After COS, he worked with Resilient Communities on Identifying community needs and issues and presented a proposal to Resilient Communities’ Board of Directors for approval. As a CorpsAfrica Volunteer Liaison, Redwane wants to learn more about human development in order to help rural communities, including his own.