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Ambassador Karl


President and CEO of Population Services International

Ambassador Karl Hofmann is the President and CEO of Population Services International (PSI), a Washington DC-based nonprofit company operating in more than 60 countries around the world. With programs in malaria, reproductive health, child survival and HIV prevention, PSI promotes products, services and healthy behaviors that enable low-income and vulnerable people to lead healthier lives. Prior to joining PSI, Mr. Hofmann was a career American diplomat for 23 years. He served as United States Ambassador to the Republic of Togo, Executive Secretary of the Department of State, and Deputy Chief of Mission (senior career diplomat) at the American Embassy in Paris. Mr. Hofmann also served on President Clinton’s National Security Council staff. Mr. Hofmann is the recipient of the State Department’s Distinguished Honor Award. He is a graduate of Georgetown University and the National Defense University. He is a director of the Washington-based U.S. Global Leadership Coalition, a member of the American Academy of Diplomacy, and a member of the External Board of Advisors of Pennsylvania State University’s School of International Affairs. Mr. Hofmann’s years of living and working in Africa and the Caribbean (he also served in Morocco, Rwanda, Lesotho and Jamaica) have given him a deep understanding of development issues, including public health, especially HIV/AIDS. His languages are French, Spanish and German.