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Volunteer Liaison

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Anitha Impumbya is a Volunteer Liaison at CorpsAfrica/Rwanda. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Geography and Urban Planning in the option of urban Planning from the University of Rwanda/College of Science and Technology. She previously worked as an Environmental Protection and Sales Officer at WAKA WAKA Ltd before joining CorpsAfrica as a Volunteer. During her high school years, Anitha was instrumental in establishing the club (CARITAS Rwanda), where she led efforts to collect materials for fellow schoolmates from unimproved families and raised awareness for needy students to receive critical donations. Anitha has also earned several certifications, including Essential Workflows, Web GIS, and Arc GIS App for field data collection from ESRI Rwanda. She firmly believes in the intrinsic value of helping others and posits that love, and passion, are needed for making a difference. Anitha Impumbya is from Rwamagana, in the eastern part of Rwanda. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Geography and Urban Planning from the University of Rwanda, class of 2020. During her studies at university, Anitha served as a Class Representative for four consecutive years. She also took a leadership position as one of the leaders in the Geography Student Association (GEOSAR). Anitha volunteered with LODA (Local Administration Entities Development Agency) where she facilitated data collection on the community’s well-being and characterizing them among social development groups. She earned a certificate in Essential Workflows, WebGIS, and ArcGIS App for field data collection from ESRI Rwanda in 2020, and she completed a professional internship in Musanze District, where she learned how to serve and solve people’s problems for both rural and urban communities. From 2015-2017, she worked with WAKA WAKA Ltd as Environmental Protection and Sales Officer. She also volunteered as an Enumerator for collecting data from the field by interviewing people to know more about their life and environmental protection activities at a local level. In addition, during her high school studies, Anitha was one of the founders of the club, Caritas Rwanda, where they were raising and mobilizing a fund and materials to support her fellow needy schoolmates from poor families. Working with CorpsAfrica will help Anitha achieve her future goals of pursuing her studies in Urban Planning and continuing to use her skills and knowledge in serving the community. She supports the saying of Steve Maraboli that “a kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal”, and she believes that helping others has no cost. The only need is love, passion, and hard work.