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Hyguette IRAMBONA is an enthusiastic lady born and raised in a countryside of Huye district in the southern province of Rwanda and she is a fresh graduate from the University of Rwanda College of medicine and Health sciences in the faculty of Human Nutrition and Dietetics. She is passionate about research where she has participated as research enumerator in 2 research studies held by the university of Rwanda in school of public health. After college, she worked for Mothers’ union Rwanda as trainer to empower female headed households affected by Covid-19 in Rwanda have the best maternal, infant and young child nutrition. In college, Hyguette has been a volunteer in Rwanda Nutritionist Student Association (RNSA) where she was in the advisory committee for one year and served as a nutrition program manager in University of Rwanda Public Health Student Association (URPHSA) for 2 years. Being a Volunteer opened her eyes to reality of the communities needs and resources where she strived to give all her best in the activities she conducted. At the end of her studies, Hyguette and her fellows, started a local NGO called Health Promotion Organization based in Gasabo district and it aims at engaging youth in health workforce to promote community health and sustainable livelihoods. Apart from that, Hyguette has attended different trainings and workshops such as Breastfeed and Breast cancer workshop by RBC and nutrition and NCDs and she also participated in exhibition by United for Health that aimed at strengthening the health care system in Rwanda through collaboration between University of Rwanda and health NGOs. Hyguette is a Christian and she believes that a true leader lives to serve rather than be served.