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Elyse Irikumwenatwe was born and raised in Rwanda. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Communications from the University of Rwanda. He worked as a volunteer in different places and for the Kaminuza Star newspaper during his time at the university. In 2019, he worked at Radio Salus for almost four months, where his routine work was to report stories of different rubrics, social and entertainment. He also attended a 6-day training organized by the former Media High Council with the foremost aim of the training being to enhance the journalist’s skills in using sources. He also volunteered for 6 months at Best Family where his duties were to take photos on the field in different events and share on platforms. In October 2021, Elyse joined CorpsAfrica as a Volunteer in group 3 and served in the remote area of the Gicumbi district, where he facilitated and empowered communities by working together in different activities to change communities for the better and to develop themselves by changing their life positively. Elyse extended his service in the western region of Rwanda, Ngororero district and Elyse takes the extension as a blessing to him as this will help him to create an everlasting impact in the community.