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Alice Ishimwe was born in Rwanda, where she was both born and raised. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Education, specializing in the fields of Physics and Geography from the University of Rwanda. Her passion for education and a strong desire to make a positive impact on her community led her on an inspiring journey. Alice embarked on a professional internship as a teacher of Physics and Geography at Saint Bruno Gihundwe A. Alice’s commitment to personal and professional growth led her to participate in the Training of Peace and Values in Education program held at the Rukara campus. During her academic journey, she demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities by serving as a Class Representative and actively engaging as a Youth Volunteer in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. She served as a Stock Manager at Gishoma Secondary School for a year, Alice held the position of Secretary of the Children’s Council at the sector level also she successfully completed online courses in Harambee about problem-solving for Earning, An addition Alice worked as CorpsAfrica volunteer /Rwanda in group 4 Though skills and knowledge gained from Pre-service Training in HCD / ABCD approaches, She went on and used those skills to empower her community in Gisagara District. Among her achievements through her service as a Volunteer for a year include facilitation in reducing malnutrition by making kitchen gardens, implementing a Piggery Farming Project in the community, creating community-saving schemes, facilitating community conservation of the environment by building eco-friendly stoves, and facilitating community led to development and mindset change. Alice extended her service in the 5th cohort.