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Alice ISHIMWE was born and raised in Rwanda. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Education in science (Physics and Geography) from the University of Rwanda. After completing her university studies,Alice got a professional internship teaching Physics and Geography at secondary level at Saint Bruno Gihundwe A. She later attended the Training of Peace and Values in Education at Rukara campus. During her time at University, she was a Class Representative and was among the youth Volunteers for fighting Covid 19. Alice also worked as a stock manager in Gishoma Secondary school for one year since 2017. She was also a secretary of the children council at sector level. Alice believes that being a CopsAfrica Volunteer is a great opportunity for her to empower and serve the community by changing people’s mindset towards a positive deviancy. Alice is committed to give back to the community and facilitate them to get sustainable development all by themselves through using ABCD and HCD approaches.