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Fatty Ka was born in the Guinguinéo region. She graduated from Khassim High School in social science and entered Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar where she studied law. She recently completed her master’s degree in public law, specializing in international relations. This specialization allowed her to be involved with some international organizations and humanitarian NGOs such as ICRC and Amnesty International. She traveled to Ethiopia and The Gambia as part of the seminars organized by the African Union and ECOWAS. She served as a volunteer for Amnesty International on the days reserved for detainees at the main detention and correction center. It has been active in socio-cultural associations in recent years. Having been the chair of the Socio-Educational Commission for the coordination of students of Guinguinéo, it provided preparatory courses for pupils in the school exam class. She also attended undergraduate students in the preparation of Half-Yearly Reviews. Today she is the Under-Secretary-General of this structure and is actively engaged in the medical days organized by the health district. As a lawyer, she is committed to promoting human rights, especially for the most vulnerable people in society, namely children and women. She has very ambitious plans for their rights to education, health, and good treatment.