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Mohammed Kaabouch was born in Errachidia City, then spent most of his life in Khenifra where he attended his primary and secondary school. After that, he was passionate about the English language, so he continued studying it at Moulay Ismail University in Meknes where he got his Bachelor’s degree. The time that he spent as a student in Meknes contributed to developing him as an individual and building up a sense of responsibility and autonomy. Alongside his studies, he occupied many positions in which he can sit working in a library where he developed skills such as teamwork flair, as well as the ability to manage a group of people working together in harmony and amity. Then he moved to work as a teacher in a private school where he taught English to primary and secondary students, and through this experience, he enriched his knowledge as well as honing his English language. This experience takes a great place in making Mohammed a person who loves helping and developing others. In addition to that he gained the manners to deal with and to understand others properly. As a CorpsAfrica Volunteer, Mohammed hopes to get the most out of this experience including helping and developing rural communities in various aspects. Because by doing so, he is going to assure that the development is sustainable and will take place even after the work ends.