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Joseph​ Kabera was born in Northern province of Rwanda. He completed secondary school at College de Gisenyi (Inyemeramihigo) in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology in 2013. After he finished secondary school in 2014, he served as Mathematics Teacher in G.S Butete (Group Scholar of Butete) and soon received a government scholarship to attend the University of Rwanda. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Water and Environmental Engineering from the University of Rwanda at the College of Science and Technology (Class of 2018). He served his community as a Cell Leader of Youth Volunteers in the Burera district for 5 months. He conducted two internships, First, in 2017, he worked at WASAC (Water Sanitation and Corporation) in Musanze district in the Department of Water Supply and Distribution, and in 2019, he completed another internship in design and site consultancy at L&F Consultant Ltd during the construction of the RSSB project (Batsinda Phase Two Middle-Cost Apartments Project) where the internship was hosted by RDB. Between 2020 and 2021, he worked in ECE Company Ltd as a Site Engineer in the Construction of maize and rice shelter and their accessories in the Gatsibo District. Apart from all this, he also served at CorpsAfrica Rwanda cohort three in the Rutsiro District where he was facilitating and empowered his community with different impactful activities and mindset changes because of the impact he made on the community in the remote area he gained the extend to serve in Huye district, especially in Taba village. He is willing to achieve more with CorpsAfrica and he hopes that serving as a CorpsAfrica Volunteer will help him to be part of solutions to the community.