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Reda Kaddach was born and raised in Meknes City. He had always been passionate about learning English. After graduating from high school, he decided to go to Moulay Ismail University where he completed his 3 years Bachelor’s degree in English Studies. He has participated in public speaking competitions many times, as well as working as a tourist guide in the region of Meknes, where he was helping and giving instructions to all Meknes visitors. Reda also worked as a teacher of English, and he was providing students help with grammar, spelling, and writing English texts as well as home tutoring courses and preparation of lessons. He worked with Meta Facebook (Majorel) as a Content Moderator where he was protecting social media users from sensitive content. Also, he got a certificate in First Aid and Security. Through these experiences, he developed important skills like time management, teamwork, project management, communication, and successful leadership. Reda loves traveling and discovering new places and cultures. He went to the Philippines, Turkey, and South Korea. Reda is eager to lead development in his community with CorpsAfrica, and leave a positive impact through his belief in the two words “HOPE and CHANGE.”