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Abdelkader Kadfi is from Ain Beni Mathar, near Oujda in the east of Morocco. He received his baccalaureate in 2010 from Ibn Khaldoun High School and graduated with a BA degree in English Studies from the University of Mohammed I. He is currently studying Law at the same university. Abdelkader sometimes works as an amateur tourist guide in his region. In 2014 he worked in the Census of Inhabitants and Habitat. He participated with many local associations such as ROUH CHABAB and Children of the World. He also works as a volunteer with the UNESCO Club in Ain Beni Mather in an awareness campaign on the environment. As a Volunteer with CorpsAfrica/Maroc, his first project was to access water for the latrine in a primary school in a rural area in the region of El Jadida. After that, he worked with another Volunteer on a commune project, which was to build a library in a primary school and equip it with tables, chairs, computers, and books.