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Kamikazi Bonny was born and raised in Rwanda. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Governance and Leadership from the University of Rwanda, College of Arts and Social Sciences. During her university studies, she completed her academic internship at the Gasabo District, while also volunteering in Huye District. In Huye, she conducted awareness and advocacy talks on behalf of the district, focusing on public services for the community. After graduating, she worked as an assistant researcher at IPAR Rwanda, also known as the Institute of Policy Analysis and Research. In this role, she served as an enumerator, collecting data. She also gained valuable experience through a professional internship at the non-profit organization Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (Fes Rwanda). During her time there, she learned various skills, including how to interact with diverse groups of people, and acquired knowledge on organizing activities such as conferences, workshops, and round table discussions. She also assisted in coordinating logistics for different programs, including the Young Citizens Program and the Feminist Working Group. Kamikazi is passionate about listening to people’s needs and is committed to helping them lead happier lives. She believes that the most significant source of pride is working together to help everyone reach their goals. Kamikazi also sees being a CorpsAfrica Volunteer as a means to fulfill her dreams of serving the community.