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Chisomo Favour



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Chisomo Favour Kamlopa graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Leadership with Mass Communication from the African Bible University of Uganda. Chisomo believes there’s a solution to every problem around the world, what matters is believing in your potential to bring out the solution and your willingness to be part of the change. She is passionate about working directly with communities, dealing with challenges that they face as a way of bringing development to their areas. Chisomo’s zeal for community project advocacy is what motivated her to pursue a degree in Mass Communications. She wants to be able to advocate for and implement as many rural community projects as she can across Africa. Yes, she will! She worked with the Parliament of Malawi as a Public Relations Assistant, the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology as an Information Officer, Life Again Ministries as an Advocacy Officer, Mukono Urban Ministries as an Intern, Radio ABC Uganda as well as the National Youth Council of Malawi.