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Amal Karrouch was originally born in Midelt and has spent a significant portion of her life residing in Kenitra. After graduating from high school, she pursued a degree in engineering, with a specialization in information systems. Along the way, her interest in the business field grew, pushing her to further enhance her education by obtaining an MBA. She strongly believes that young Moroccans should take responsibility for contributing to their communities in order to reduce the inequality gap and establish sustainable communities in Morocco. This belief led her to choose volunteering as her path, as she also sees it as an opportunity to form new friendships and gain a broader understanding of different perspectives. Not only does volunteering allow her to give back to the community, but it also fosters personal growth and development. Stepping outside of her comfort zone, challenging herself, acquiring new skills, and gaining valuable experiences are all benefits she sees in engaging in volunteer work. Additionally, the chance to work alongside like-minded individuals was one of the driving factors that influenced her decision to become a Volunteer.