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Tabitha Kasongo is a recent graduate from Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources with a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics. She also holds certificates in Strategic Leadership Development and Project Management. She is the founder of Queens Hub Forum which focuses on youth and women empowerment in economic development. As someone who is passionate about entrepreneurship, Tabitha joined Hatch Start Incubation Program where she was mentored in livestock management and she started a livestock business, providing employment to several people in her area. ​During her time in university, Tabitha was a young Sub-Saharan leader for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Innovation (STEMi) Makers Africa where she was involved in an initiative called the Kuongoza mentorship program. This enabled her to be an agent for change in her community through the growth of Women in Science. Tabitha has always been interested in community development and believes that joining CorpsAfrica will provide her an opportunity to engage the rural populace and influence positive change in their communities.