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Jolex Chicco



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  • Malawi_G5-2021-2022
Jolex Chicco Kaundama holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Irrigation Engineering from Bunda College of Agriculture, a constituent college of Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources. From 2018 to 2021 he worked as an Irrigation Engineer Intern and Water Engineer Intern at Irrigation Department and Water Supply and Sanitation Services Department, respectively. During that time, he was actively involved in the design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of agriculture irrigation, water, climate change, and environmental-related projects like the Malawi Drought Resilience and Recovery Project (MDRRP). As a passionate agriculturalist, he has been engaged in contract farming with Multi-Seeds Company (MUSECO) in seed production of leguminous crops and he volunteered for National Cassava Processors Association (NCPA) as a part of their Marketing team. During his college days, Jolex served as the Activities Director for the Malawi Institute of Engineers Bunda Chapter and served in various positions in religious and environmental clubs. Through these experiences, he acquired better techniques and skills in project management, organization development, construction management, contract farming, leadership, marketing, negotiation, communication, and teamwork. Jolex believes that these skills are of paramount importance in the successful design and implementation of sustainable-community-led projects as a CorpsAfrica Volunteer.