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Kayiranga Faustin is from Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business from the Universite Lible de Kigali (ULK). He served as a Volunteer in Group 2 and extended his service in Group 3 with CorpsAfrica /Rwanda. During his time as a Volunteer in Group 2, he gained diverse skills from the training in Human-Centered Design (HCD) & Asset Based Community Development (ABCD), project design and management, and first aid. Throughout his service he worked with his community to implement a sheep family, focus group discussions on mindset change, helped the community to address malnutrition by making nutritious kitchen gardens, addressed human security issues, and created community-saving schemes. Faustin with his community built 200 kitchen gardens where 46 malnourished kids graduated from the red line and are now healthy, and above all else, 200 families have access to a balanced diet. While promoting hygiene and sanitation, Faustin facilitated the building of 60 toilets and took part in COVID-19 responses where he distributed 17 handwashing stations, 1,405 facemasks, and 160 bars of soaps in the social awareness against COVID-19. He also rehabilitated 5 houses of poor families hit by landslides and renovated 5 bridges affected as well. Faustin worked with the community to stress the importance of family conflict resolution by engaging the community in peaceful conversations that bring unity to family members. From 2014 to 2015 he received training on high cloth fabrication and global fashion by REBORN KYOTO (a Japanese NGO), and since 2015, he has participated in different fashion art exhibitions. He received training by AKAZI Kanoze and readiness training by EDC, training of trainers by the National ITORERO Commission, training on creative entrepreneurship, and a workshop by Ishyo Art Center. Faustin has participated in the Arc Initiative Business Skills Conference by the Sauder School of Business. He has skills in tailoring and fashion design and has worked as the Production Manager and Master Designer in Modern Tailoring & Fashion Design Cooperative in Gasabo District. His duties were to analyze and evaluate the production process and to maintain the operations of the cooperative. From September 2017 until now, he has been a permanent volunteer for One Help One Direction Ihumure–Rwanda where he acts as an Internal Auditor assigned to evaluate the activity of the organization including donations and its uses. He also analyzes volunteer performance and participates in the future planning programs of the organization. From 2015 till now, he volunteered at Gisimba Memorial Center, located in Nyarugenge District, teaching kids how to paint and draw, model fashion styles, and play some games with them, etc. He believes that the strongest people are those who support others even if they are struggling with their problems. That is why he extended his service, the best way to find yourself is to give back and be in the service of others by contributing, to building the better future of Rwanda and Africa.